In the sense that we are addressing here, are their uses and the principle ‘meaning’ behind their colors. Candles, as lights are the primary signals to the spiritual planes of your intent. While there is no widespread consensus on the definitions of what the color means in a candle the list below shoud serve as a guide.


       Is the color that represents spirit. Can and shoud be used in any ritual in combination with other color candles. The reason for this is that it promotes the idea that the petitioner, you, is requesting some action through the white side of spirit.


       the color of love, moreso in the passionate than in the romantic sense. Also, representing vitality and energy, therefore used widely in healing rituals.


       The lighter shade of red, represents more romantic love, the gentler side of love. Pink is said have more to do with friendship and good vibes, and create a warm and hospitable energy wherever burned.


       is the color of peace and protection. Burning them tends to bring tranquility and mellowness into the environment.


       Is a happy, joyous colour and is therefore used by those desiring more of those qualities in life.


       Money, fertility and growth, are associated with the colour green. A green candle can be effectively used in luck, money and fertility rituals.


       Is associated with power and force. Purple candles can be added to about any ritual to lend greater intensity of force and power to the event.


       Essentially, orange is a mixture of red and yellow and as such represents vitality and happiness. It can also be used in a problematic love affair when such problems arise, and be a healing energy.


       generally considered to be the color of materialization, the ‘bringing to fruition’ of one’s material wishes. Brown candles are not reccomended, however for love rituals, as love has little little to do with force.




Used to fragrence the air in your room/temple/environment and are formulated to be ritual specific; that is, special fragrences for special purposes. Incenses are provided in powder, stick, and cone forms. The powders are intended to be burnt upon special charcoal briquettes, which we also carry.


The origin and use of herbs, roots, berries, bark and leaves is as much a mystery today as it has been for thousands of years. We do know that through many manuscripts that, the Egyptian priests, Druids, Shaman, Celts, etc., all knew well the power of herbs.
The belief that herbs can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, dispell evil, etc., is not all that far fetched as it may seem. After all, good health is also seen as good fortune, or that memory that is warmly brought to mind by a fragrence, has happened to many of us.
Many Herbs are the bais for making incense.


Used to annoint (or dress) candles, or oneself, talismans, charm bags, etc. One might say that the oils is a get things started element or to charge the event.



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